Seahawks’ DK Metcalf could reportedly be available in a trade at the right price


The Seattle Seahawks have already made several significant changes to their roster this offseason, and they might not be done. According to a report from ESPN, the Seahawks may be willing to trade wide receiver DK Metcalf — at least, according to other teams.

“This is a name that’s buzzing in league circles. No guarantee that anything happens here,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said Sunday, reacting to a Bleacher Report transcription. “I’m told that Metcalf has gotten indications, informally from the team, that he’s not going to be traded. Seattle has said publicly they have no intention to trade him. 

“But the execs I talk to keep bringing him up that maybe they would either be willing to move on at the right price or that Metcalf would welcome a change. So, something is going on here; it’s just hard to figure out what. But he’s got one year left on his rookie deal. He would need a new contract as part of a trade. That’s the tricky part.”

Honestly, this sounds like wishful thinking on the part of the executives talking to Fowler, who himself reports that the Seahawks have said both publicly and privately that they have no intention of trading Metcalf. However, there are obviously plenty of teams that would be interested in a star wide receiver who is still just 24 years old, should he become available. If they can speak that availability into existence, well, that’s just fine.

Metcalf has 216 receptions for 3,170 and 29 touchdowns through his first three NFL seasons, but will get a significant downgrade at the quarterback position this year, now that Russell Wilson has been traded away. 

Wide receiver-needy teams with quarterbacks already in place such as the Chiefs and Packers would figure to be very interested in his services, even if they have to lavish him with an extension. So long as the payday is not in the area of those received by the recently-traded Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams, it’s easy to see those teams being willing to bring Metcalf into the fold. Given the chance to play with Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers (as opposed to Drew Lock), Metcalf would presumably be interested as well. Of course, his actual availability depends on the Seahawks being willing to accept a deal, and that would likely mean John Schneider and Pete Carroll committing to a full-on rebuild, rather than attempting to compete with their current roster. 


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