Marcus Freeman bringing back a Notre Dame game day tradition

When Brian Kelly took over as Notre Dame’s head coach he changed a few things on how game day went to on campus. For one, players no longer attended mass before the game and walked across campus to the stadium, instead they attended mass the evening before and had all of their energies focused on the game on hand come Saturday.

It should be noted that players did a walk on game day, just that it was done a little differently through the library (Touchdown Jesus) to the stadium.

Marcus Freeman met the media for his weekly spring practice availability on Saturday and let it be known that the tradition of attending mass and doing the walk through campus is making a return, something he was actually surprised wasn’t taking place when he arrived this past year.

For those who enjoy college football traditions (myself included here) its met with happiness. Now does it give Notre Dame a better chance of winning a given game is another question, one that a player who played under both the Charlie Weis and Brian Kelly regimes offered his answer to Saturday night.

Toma played at Notre Dame from 2009-2012 (was the hero in surviving a scare from Purdue in the 2012 home opener) and is certainly more qualified to offer an opinion on how it effects the preparation and ultimately the outcome of a game more than I ever could.

Personally I’m a fan of the move like I said above but am left a bit more curious what others who have made that walk would say about it after reading Toma’s thoughts.


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