2022 NFL Draft compensatory picks: A look at each team’s additional picks ahead of the draft

The NFL announced the compensatory selections awarded to teams in the 2022 NFL Draft on Tuesday. These are determined by a formula that weighs free agents lost against free agents gained, as well as a new rule dispersing compensatory selections to teams that develop and lose minority general managers or head coaches to other teams. In total, there were 39 compensatory picks awarded for April’s draft.

According to ESPN, the Ravens have received the most additional choices with 55 since the compensatory pick process was instituted in 1994. Baltimore has three picks this year.

Third Round

No. 97 overall: LionsNo. 98 overall: SaintsNo. 99 overall: BrownsNo. 100 overall: RavensNo. 101 overall: SaintsNo. 102 overall: 49ersNo. 103 overall: ChiefsNo. 104 overall: RamsNo. 105 overall: 49ers

Fourth Round

No. 138 overall: SteelersNo. 139 overall: RavensNo. 140 overall: PackersNo. 141 overall: RavensNo. 142 overall: RamsNo. 143 overall: Titans

Fifth Round

No. 176 overall: CowboysNo. 177 overall: LionsNo. 178 overall: CowboysNo. 179 overall: Colts

Sixth Round

No. 211 overall: RamsNo. 212 overall: RamsNo. 213 overall: FalconsNo. 214 overall: ChargersNo. 215 overall: CardinalsNo. 216 overall: ColtsNo. 217 overall: LionsNo. 218 overall: RamsNo. 219 overall: TitansNo. 220 overall: 49ersNo. 221 overall: 49ers

Seventh Round

No. 254 overall: ChargersNo. 255 overall: ChargersNo. 256 overall: CardinalsNo. 257 overall: CardinalsNo. 258 overall: PackersNo. 259 overall: ChiefsNo. 260 overall: ChargersNo. 261 overall: BuccaneersNo. 262 overall: 49ers

Compensatory selections by teamArizona Cardinals

Compensatory picks: 6th round (No. 215 overall); 7th round (No. 256 overall), 7th round (No. 257 overall)

Atlanta Falcons

Compensatory picks: 6th round (No. 213 overall)

Buffalo Bills 

Compensatory picks: None

Baltimore Ravens 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 100 overall); 4th round (No. 139 overall); 4th round (No. 141 overall) 

Carolina Panthers 

Compensatory picks: None

Cincinnati Bengals 

Compensatory picks: None

Cleveland Browns 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 99 overall)

Chicago Bears 

Compensatory picks: None

Dallas Cowboys 

Compensatory picks: 5th round (No. 176 overall); 5th round (No. 178 overall)

Denver Broncos 

Compensatory picks: None

Detroit Lions 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 97 overall); 5th round (No. 177 overall); 6th round (No. 217 overall)

Green Bay Packers

Compensatory picks: 4th round (No. 140 overall); 7th round (No. 258 overall)

Houston Texans 

Compensatory picks: None

Indianapolis Colts 

Compensatory picks: 5th round (No. 179 overall); 6th round (No. 216 overall)

Kansas City Chiefs 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 103 overall); 7th round (No. 259 overall)

Los Angeles Chargers 

Compensatory picks: 6th round (No. 214); 7th round (No. 254 overall); 7th round (No. 255 overall); 7th round (No. 260 overall)

Los Angeles Rams 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 104 overall); 4th round (No. 142 overall); 6th round (No. 211 overall); 6th round (No. 212 overall); 6th round (No. 218 overall)

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Compensatory picks: None

Miami Dolphins 

Compensatory picks: None

Minnesota Vikings 

Compensatory picks: None

New England Patriots 

Compensatory picks: None

New Orleans Saints 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 98 overall); 3rd round (No. 101 overall)

New York Giants 

Compensatory picks: None

New York Jets 

Compensatory picks: None

Las Vegas Raiders 

Compensatory picks: None

Philadelphia Eagles 

Compensatory picks: None

San Francisco 49ers 

Compensatory picks: 3rd round (No. 102 overall); 3rd round (No. 105 overall); 6th round (No. 220 overall); 6th round (No. 221); 7th round (No. 262 overall)

Seattle Seahawks 

Compensatory picks: None

Philadelphia Eagles 

Compensatory picks: None

Pittsburgh Steelers

Compensatory picks: 4th round (No. 138 overall)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Compensatory picks: 7th round (No. 261 overall)

Tennessee Titans 

Compensatory picks: 4th round (No. 143 overall); 6th round (No. 219 overall)

Washington Commanders

Compensatory picks: None


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