Jameson Williams suffers torn ACL in national championship game

The pursuit of a national championship carried a major price for one of its key players.

Alabama receiver Jameson Williams, one of the top draft prospects in the 2022 class, suffered a torn ACL in Monday night’s game, via Adam Schefter of ESPN.com.

Williams was regarded as a potential top-10 pick. Although doctors reportedly expect a full recovery (don’t they always?), the injury necessarily will impact his status, and it will potentially result in much later selection than previously anticipated.

It’s extremely unfortunate, and it’s a reminder that college football players deserve to be paid for their skills, abilities, and sacrifices. Williams, by helping the Crimson Tide pursue yet another championship, compromised his future earnings, significantly. It’s unfortunate, and it’s unfair. It will become less unfair only if/when players like Williams begin getting a slice of the billions that college football generates for the various universities.

Report: Jameson Williams suffers torn ACL in national championship game originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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