Patriots’ Matt Judon unloads on ‘disgusting’ macaroni and cheese ahead of Thanksgiving

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Matt Judon has crushed opposing quarterbacks this season, collecting a career-high 10.5 sacks over 11 games for the New England Patriots. But the two-time Pro Bowler adjusted his sights from the pocket to the dinner table this week by unloading on a beloved Thanksgiving side dish.  

In a Tuesday press conference, Judon called macaroni and cheese “disgusting” and “probably one of the most overrated dishes.” And if someone offered Judon the dish he describes as “just cheese and noodles,” they’d be using “fighting words.” 

“I’m gonna have to fight everybody in the house, one by one,” said Judon, a former longtime Baltimore Raven. “And I’m gonna wait until they eat their macaroni and cheese, get sluggish, and then I’m gonna whoop them.”

Judon said he’s “never liked” macaroni and cheese, but he tries it every so often to account for any taste bud changes. No such changes have come, so the 29-year-old is ready for the lactose-packed dish’s permanent removal from the table.

“Every time I try it, it’s the same thing,” Judon said. “And it’s never gonna change. It is never gonna get better, all right? I’m almost 30 now. I’m pretty set in my ways. And it’s disgusting. Get it off the table. The bathrooms will be less busy.”

Judon isn’t the only player in the Patriots’ locker room with a Thanksgiving food hot take. When asked about his apple or pumpkin pie preference on the Merloni and Fauria radio show on Monday, quarterback Mac Jones said “I don’t like any of the pies.” 

The Patriots, who have won five straight and sit atop the AFC East, will return to the field Sunday against the AFC’s top-seeded Tennessee Titans. Judon is surely hoping Tennessee’s offensive line devoured plenty of macaroni and cheese over their Thanksgiving dinners. 


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