Colts’ upset win over Bills ends with final score that’s never been seen before in NFL history

For the second time this season, the Indianapolis Colts found themselves involved in an NFL rarity: A Scorigami. 

If you’re not familiar with Scorigami, it’s pretty simple: The internet cheers when the NFL gives us a final score that’s never been seen before and that’s what the Colts’ 41-15 upset win over the Bills gave us on Sunday.

Scorigami has grown so much on Twitter that the Colts even made note of the fact that they hit the unique score in the win. 

The idea of tracking every Scorigami was created by SB Nation writer Jon Bois and there’s now a Twitter account with more than 275,000 followers that tracks each and every Scorigami. 

The Scorigami Twitter account should probably dedicate this week’s Scorigami to Jonathan Taylor and that’s because he scored five touchdowns in the win. 

The Colts victory marked the NFL’s fourth Scorigami of the season and the SECOND one by Indy. The Colts also had a Scorigami back in Week 9 when they beat the Jets 45-30. The first one of the year came back in Week 6 when the Rams beat the Giants 38-11. Arizona and Houston also had a Scorigami in Week 7 when the Cardinals beat the Texans 31-5. 

In the Colts’ win over the Bills, the Scorigami almost didn’t happen. Going into the fourth quarter, the Colts were ahead 38-7 and if that had been the final score, that wouldn’t have been a Scorigami because it’s happened 45 times in NFL history. 

Early in the fourth quarter, the score changed when Josh Allen hit Stefon Diggs for a touchdown. After the score, the Bills also hit on the two-point conversion to make it 38-15. Although that score is rare, it has happened five times before in NFL history, so that wouldn’t have been a Scorigami, either. The Scorigami wasn’t locked in until Michael Badgley hit a 35-yard field goal with over six minutes left to make it 41-15. 

The Colts then picked off Mitchell Trubisky late in the game to seal the Scorigami. And that’s how you get a unique score for the 1,070th time in NFL history.

This has been a surprisingly slow year for Scorigamis with only four. Last year, there were a total of 12 on the season. Of course, it’s not surprising to see fewer Scorigamis and that’s because every time one hits, that’s one final-score option that’s taken off the table. 


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