DeSean Jackson makes long first Raiders catch, then fumbles

DeSean Jackson made a deep catch, just as the Las Vegas Raiders were hoping for when they signed him. 

They just wanted a better ending to his first catch with the team. 

Jackson’s first catch with the Raiders was a potential turning point against the Kansas City Chiefs and not in a good way. The Raiders trailed 24-14 when Jackson got a deep ball for 40 yards to the Kansas City 19. Jackson had a clear path to the end zone after the Chiefs defender dove and missed, but he took a weird angle to where Chiefs cornerback Rashad Fenton was trailing the play. When Jackson started to change direction, Fenton caught him and punched the ball out. It was recovered by Tyrann Mathieu. 

In a split second, it went from it looking like Jackson was going to score on his first catch as a Raider to losing a crucial fumble. It was a really weird play. 

Jackson has had a great career and remains one of the best deep threats in the game. The Raiders will get some big plays out of him. Most won’t end with a fumble. 

DeSean Jackson fumbled on his first catch with the Raiders. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


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