Pete Carroll teases potential Seahawks waiver claim of Odell Beckham Jr: ‘You’ll see’

Pete Carroll played it very coy on Monday when asked about Odell Beckham Jr. 

But the Seattle Seahawks coach didn’t rule out putting in a waiver claim for the now ex-Cleveland Browns receiver. He even appeared to take pleasure in teasing what the Seahawks plan/don’t plan to do with the potential chance to secure Beckham’s rights. 

“You’ll have to wait and see how this all goes,” Carroll told reporters before a jumble of words that avoided answering directly whether or not the Seahawks would put in a claim. … “So I didn’t say yes, or I didn’t say no. That’s just ’cause — you’ll see.”

Well, that’s intriguing. 

We’ve been down this road before with Carroll, who told reporters last month that the Seahawks had reached out to quarterback Cam Newton after Russell Wilson was sidelined with a finger injury. Wilson was medically cleared for Week 10 and back at practice on Monday. Newton remains a free agent. 

But the chance to add a potential game-changing receiver to a team in need of one and desperate to hold onto its fleeting playoff hopes is a different situation — and a considerably more complicated one. 

Will Russell Wilson-to-OBJ be a thing? (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported on Sunday that Beckham does not want to be claimed. He instead wants to be cleared for free agency with the chance to sign with the contender of his choice. That’s a decision that’s obviously out of Beckham’s control. But any team that makes a claim will do so at its own risk of alienating Beckham from the start.

Robinson also reports that Beckham worked out a deal with the Browns that will require any team that claims him to pay the entirety of his remaining $7.25 million in salary for 2021 — a deterrent of sorts for teams without cap space to do so. The Seahawks just so happen to be one of nine teams with the cap space to absorb that salary, adding to the intrigue of Carroll’s tease.

Eight teams have higher waiver priority than the Seahawks. But they’re in that position because they’re bad and don’t have much motivation to sign a veteran receiver for a playoff run that isn’t coming. The Seahawks, who don’t have a clear No. 3 receiving option behind DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, are trailing in the playoff hunt after a 3-5 start. But with Wilson back, there’s reasonable hope in Seattle of a second-half run to the postseason, even if it’s a long shot. 

So, yeah. Seahawks interest in Beckham makes sense. Will they act on it amid a gantlet of complicating factors? As Carroll said, we’ll have to wait and see. 


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