Ravens’ Justin Tucker may try to break field goal record in Denver

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker broke the NFL’s field goal distance record by the smallest of margins last Sunday, getting a good bounce on the crossbar for an unprecedented, and game-winning, 66-yard score.

The Ravens still think he has a little more distance in him.

Ravens long snapper Nick Moore said Tucker hit two 68-yard field goals in practice Wednesday and wants to try to break his own 66-yard mark in the thin air of the Denver Broncos’ stadium this Sunday, per the team’s in-house reporter Ryan Mink.

Even though Tucker’s record-breaker would have been a miss with even a few inches of less leg, there’s reason to believe that he may have another record in him. The big reason is next weekend’s venue, as the NFL’s previous record field goal — Matt Prater’s 64-yarder — was hit at Mile High, where the thin air is known to give kickers some extra distance.

Tucker has also made significantly longer kicks in practice, though the conditions for those kicks are obviously less intense than in actual games. Tucker’s never been one known to succumb to pressure, though, so who knows if that would even matter.

The bigger question is if the Ravens will actually find themselves in a situation where a 67-yard or more field goal is even feasible, let alone wise. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is notoriously aggressive on midfield fourth downs and the offensive is fifth in the league in yards per play right now. The 3-0 Broncos also figure to be a competitive opponent, so it seems unlikely the game gets out of hand enough for the Ravens to turn to Tucker just for the record’s sake.

Of course, if a drive stalls out between the Broncos’ 48-yard line and Ravens territory near the end of a half, another crack at the record would certainly be a tempting proposition.


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