What makes Carl Lawson so good? ‘Being strong as [expletive]’

Carl Lawson has been the talk of Jets training camp, and his strength is a big reason why.

The pass rusher has been unblockable against the Jets’ offensive line, and Robert Saleh has commended Lawson’s work ethic. Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich believes national attention is coming his way. But why does Lawson look so unstoppable despite never wracking up more than 5.5 sacks in a season?

Part of it is the Jets’ scheme, which Lawson said makes him feel “unchained” and “unleashed.” The other part, Lawson said, is his jacked 6-foot-2, 265-pound frame, among other facors.

“Leverage, hand placement and hand angles,” Lawson said Thursday. “And just overall being strong as [expletive].”

Lawson added that he’s honed his craft to the point that he’s able to “execute on command.”

“It’s kind of like Neo in The Matrix, in the next movie, where he’s just doing it,” Lawson said. “That’s what I’m kind of getting to as a player.”

Lawson’s body will play a major role, but it will take more than that to attack quarterbacks in games. Lawson has added a few new pass-rush moves to his arsenal, but, as he noted, the methods for his domination are pretty simple.

He’s just going to out-muscle the opposition.


4 things to know about new Jets DE Carl Lawson


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