Rams’ Jalen Ramsey open to eventually moving to safety: ‘I would have no problems with it’

It’s not as if the NFL hasn’t seen this movie before. At a certain point in the career arc of an elite cornerback, they’ll be posed with the question on if they’re willing to move to safety to continue/extend their professional career. That said, you can bet top dollar Jalen Ramsey will be faced with the possibility in the future, as others before he were. Being proactive about it all, Ramsey went ahead and answered the question ahead of the 2021 season — making it clear he’s completely fine with it.

“I wouldn’t have no problems moving to safety,” Ramsey told the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” video podcast, via Cameron DaSilva of The Rams Wire. 

That’ll be a fun watch when the time comes, but that’ll be no time soon for a 26-year-old who’s still the best cornerback in the NFL.

“I love corner right now,” Ramsey added. “The corner money’s better. I’m cool where I’m at.”

Considering the All-Pro signed a five-year, $105 million extension a year ago that included $71.2 million guaranteed, he’s got a point.

The dusk of elite play at CB always comes, however, and Ramsey isn’t naive. Having seen other former greats like Darrelle Revis and Hall of Famer Charles Woodson make the move — the latter continuing to excel after doing so — Ramsey will use them as motivation whenever he does decide to change positions.

“I like Charles because even though I say Deion is the best corner to play the game, Charles is the best defensive back to play the game, because he played multiple positions in the secondary,” said Ramsey of Woodson. “He played corner, he played safety, he played nickel. He did a bunch of different stuff and he affected the game in so many different ways. Me coming to L.A., that’s kind of the role that I started to be in. 

“I’m still on the edges, on the corner the majority of the time, but here and there, they’re starting to let me be me a little bit more. Mix it in, playing a little bit of nickel. And then at some point in my career, if it takes me there to safety, I would want to do that as well.”

Doing so successfully would help Ramsey truly build his case for potentially donning a gold jacket one day, like Woodson.

“I want to have a mix of all.”


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