Kurt Warner biopic set for December release

Kurt Warner’s rise to NFL stardom had a Hollywood quality to it and the tale will get its Hollywood moment later this year.

Plans to make a feature film about Warner’s journey through the Arena League and stocking grocery shelves to a Super Bowl winner and NFL MVP were announced in 2020 and that film is now headed to theaters. CBS Sports reports that Lionsgate will be releasing the film on December 10.

Warner tweeted that the film is the culmination of “an incredible journey.”

Zachary Levi portrays Warner in the film, which will be called American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story. Anna Paquin plays his wife Brenda, Dennis Quaid takes on the role of former Rams head coach Dick Vermeil and former Bengals cornerback Simeon Castille will switch to offense as longtime Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce.

Kurt Warner biopic set for December release originally appeared on Pro Football Talk


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