Retired Super Bowl winner looking to make improbable NFL comeback and he says three teams are interested

Tim Tebow isn’t the only one trying to make an improbable NFL comeback this year. Eight years after retiring, Brandon Jacobs has decided that he wants to make a return to football and like Tebow, Jacobs is planning to make a position switch to make it happen.

When Jacobs originally announced his plans to return back on May 27, most people thought it was joke. However, not only is he serious — he’s spent the past month getting his body into football shape — but multiple teams have already contacted him about a possible tryout. 

The former Giants running back is planning to make a move to defensive end this year and although that might sound slightly crazy, the two-time Super Bowl winner says that three teams have already contacted his agent with interest. 

“I don’t want to throw names out there just yet because I was told not to, but it’ll be a shock,” Jacobs told Houma Today. “If I don’t get an opportunity, it’s fine. I’m currently coaching high school football and running a youth program, which I’m perfectly content with doing the rest of my life.”

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The 38-year-old, who turns 39 on July 6, is so confident in his abilities that he thinks he could be one of the top defensive ends in the league. 

“I think my ability as a defensive end, as an old man as they regard me, I think I can be one of the best in the league right now,” Jacobs said. 

To make the comeback work, Jacobs has spent the past month getting in better cardio shape and he plans to spend the month of July bulking up.

“To get out of the bed and get yourself going at this age is the only hard part. But once I get through that adversity, it’s easy.” Jacobs said.

Unlike Tebow, Jacobs actually had a pretty successful NFL career. During his nine seasons in the league (2005-13), Jacobs won two Super Bowls, which both came with the Giants in wins over the Patriots. Over the course of his career, Jacobs rushed for 5,094 yards and a franchise record 60 touchdowns. More importantly, he also registered 11 solo tackles during his playing days, according to Pro Football Reference — so if any team does sign him, at least they know he can tackle. 


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